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psychological enemy hinders my way

  By-Shirley Yang  Even though I feel more confident than old me when just enrolled in JMU last semester, the confidence just fades away when Continue reading »


By-Shirley Yang 

Even though I feel more confident than old me when just enrolled in JMU last semester, the confidence just fades away when communicating in academic forms. The first semester of sophomore year, I have started taking some fundamental business classes as my step stone to the major. Professors’ teaching style is kind of special because he likes to put students at the center. The more you contribute to the class discussion, the more participation points you will get. It is convenient when you have problems. The way to solve it is by mentioning questions in the class and then professor guides students to think and talk about the problems.


I realize that having a problem in the homework is normal but doubting myself is distracting. I remember one time, I asked the question in the office hour. My Professor said it’s a great question and he encouraged me to ask it again in the class. He asked me if I could do that, I said yes without doubt. In the class, when he turned to me and said, “I remember you have a question”, and then I felt everyone is waiting for me to ask. I asked that question but my heart was pounding after I finished the asking. When the teacher answering the question, I feel as if someone in my head starts questioning me: are there any mistakes in your sentences? Professor already approves that question, so it’s not a dumb question. What do other American students think? All of the questions in my mind are distracting me.


The reason why I’m so nervous when I asked the question in the class is partly because I am afraid of being judged. Not only judging language imperfect, but also the mistakes I made. When professor asked which quiz questions we want to discuss, I figured only students who get higher points are willing to pull up their results in the class. When his or her quizzes show on the screen, everyone could see how the students did in the quiz. This way pushes me to be quiet in the class.


Another reason maybe because of different teaching style. I still remembered in my high school, teacher always acted as the main role in the class. Even though the learning style is passive, I like it because I only need to listen. When I have a question, I would save it and asking my teacher in the office hour. Now, I still follow the same rule that is going to my professor’s office to ask question.


When I went to professor’s office, I asked my question and he asked my why I don’t like mention it to the class. I expressed my concern to him. He said he understood it and he thought the way of reviewing quiz is helpful for the exam. Doing well in the quiz doesn’t mean you will do well in the exam. The more mistakes you made in the quiz, the more questions you should mention in the class. I guess our students put too much interpretation on how much points we get from the quiz while no one really care how exam and quiz actually function.