English Language Learner Services (ELLS)

What is ELLS? from Jose Morales on Vimeo.

Mission Statement:

English Language Learner Services supports a rigorous academic environment by facilitating language acquisition through academic skills development, assisting with academic adjustments, and supporting faculty working with linguistic diversity.


ELLS, an area of the JMU Learning Centers, serves the JMU community of learners through focused attention to cultivating American English in the academic context.  The increasing enrollment of multilingual learners makes for a dynamic campus experience where all participants’ learning is enhanced.  ELLS supports faculty, students, and staff as a resource for language acquisition information, best practices in teaching and learning, and dialogue for action in creating an inclusive learning environment.


ELLS faculty provide individual consultations, booked by emailing coordinator Kristen Shrewsbury at shrewskm@jmu.edu.

Learners can seek consultation on topics such as:

  • Prioritizing Information
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Reading effectively
  • Speaking fluently
  • Improving grammar usage
  • Connecting with an advocate

Faculty can seek consultation on topics such as:

  • Engaging a changing classroom demographic
  • Facilitating learning for all students in ways that are especially critical to English language learners’ success
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Discussing revisions to classroom and departmental policies


English Conversation Club provides a community space for practicing English conversation.

Multilingual Writers’ Community is a creative space for writers to practice their craft in a community of peers.

(Spring 2012) Cultural Help Desk is a place to learn answers to your questions about navigating academic life.

(Fall 2011) Academic Learning Series seminars highlight one topic of interest each week.  Seminars focus on tips to enhance skills and understanding.