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The difference between my first and second semester at JMU

By Talat Altayyar The difference between my first and second semester at JMU My first semester at JMU wasn’t an easy semester for me. As an international student who has English is his second language, it was really hard the shifted between being a student in an English school to an academic student at JMU. […]

Reflection on Recent English Conversation Club

by Shirley Yang Because of the mid-term pressure, we have noticed some of the students are too busy to join our conversation. However, there are students still coming here consistently talking about their study, exam and daily life. During our recent conversation, I have noticed a few of interesting topics so I am gonna list […]

Writing about writing, in community.

By Kristen Shrewsbury Shirley and Talat are back in my office, clicking away on their laptops, processing their thoughts in written English. I love this sound. I love the feeling this evokes in me, the communal effort toward individual creations. We all write what we want, how we want. We write what’s on our minds, […]

Preparing to Present to the TESOL Conference

By- Shirley Yang  Why you coming here every week to practice writing? How’s the experience writing with other peers as well as professionals?   At the beginning of my freshman year, I was worried about my writing class. My classmates are all American, the first language user. Every time when the professors asked us to […]

Why we spell, and Onions.

by Jose Morales I just watched one of the best TEDed videos I have seen so far. It is about spelling, but more so about the meaningful structures of language that we as speakers take for granted. Whether we’re learning a new language from scratch, or just speaking our native language we rarely think about […]

come on! Join us !!

By- Shirley Yang Language is not just a tool to connect with others. It has the cultural definition in it. As an English language learner pursuing college, how to master second language effectively is a challenge. For example, I want to describe a pulley or truck traveling on an overhead track and serving to support […]

The world is only a Skype call away…

By Kristen Shrewsbury Summer consultations have taken a new shape for ELLS this year.  When a few students were heading abroad and taking online JMU classes this May, I was excited to try using Skype and Google docs for consultations.   We set up times to meet via email and then both logged onto Skype […]

Great day in the morning!

by Kristen Shrewsbury Writing – the MWC is a group that brings people together for many reasons and at many stages as writers.  I am consistently surprised about how my students get here and what they want to do.  This morning I am happy to have a native English speaker here, a bilingual student who […]

Let’s Talk About It

I remember the Idea hitting me with an air of promise. It was last year’s spring when I went to George Mason for a quick tour about their ESOL programs. I had my mind set, ready for learning and brainstorming. At GMU, I learned about the various services they provide to English language learners. They […]

together again

By Kristen Shrewsbury I check my phone for the time and see a text from Ahmad, “I am running 10 minutes late.”  Rain and late busses don’t touch my good mood: we are writing today.  Pulling up the blog site, checking over the posts from last semester, I find myself grinning and giddy.  I have […]