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Reflection on Recent English Conversation Club

by Shirley Yang Because of the mid-term pressure, we have noticed some of the students are too busy to join our conversation. However, there are students still coming here consistently talking about their study, exam and daily life. During our recent conversation, I have noticed a few of interesting topics so I am gonna list […]

Using American Slang

This week in English Conversation Club, we learned a whole bunch of American slang! We thought it would be fun for everyone to discuss some of the phrases in English that might be slightly obscure or hard to understand. So, Shirley and Lani made a list of slang words and phrases we knew or had heard […]

A New Semester of English Conversation Club

Last Wednesday was the first session of English Conversation Club this year. Since José graduated, the program is under new management. Lani Furbank, the ELLS peer educator, and Shirley Yang, the ELLS international student liaison, are excited to be leading the group through another semester of great conversation. Here are their thoughts on the program so far: […]

Three Years

by Jose Morales   I can’t believe it has been three years. Three years. That is one year short of a presidential term. Yes, it is hard to believe I have been working at the ELLS for so long, yet It all makes sense in retrospect. I have worked at the learning centers since sophomore […]

Nonverbal Language Services

by Jose Morales Here at the English Language Learner Services we love to help you with your English communication skills. Whether is written or spoken, we have a program or resource to help you as a student thrive in the English language, and succeed by applying it academically. When we think of language we think […]

Dude! No way Jose! This post is on American Slang. Forreal though.

By Jose Morales I remember hearing the words “flat soda” in a sentence once and not being able to comprehend the logical reasoning behind such expression. Was it even physically possible to flatten soda? I knew soda was mainly a liquid which meant it would take the shape of its container. So, when my friend […]

On Confidence

by Jose Morales This past Monday I held the first English Conversation Club meeting of the year (by the way, If you’re reading this and want to improve your speaking skills I would highly recommend coming down and hanging out!) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the bulk e-mail advertising my service worked! […]

Post-CAA Global Education Conference Ruminations

by Jose Morales It is not unusual for me to catch myself deep in reflective awe of the beautifully profound underpinnings of education. The sole process of it excites me. Education, to me, is the way our species transmit their cultural and intellectual consciousness across media and through time.  From this perspective, the economics and […]

Let’s Talk About It

I remember the Idea hitting me with an air of promise. It was last year’s spring when I went to George Mason for a quick tour about their ESOL programs. I had my mind set, ready for learning and brainstorming. At GMU, I learned about the various services they provide to English language learners. They […]