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Old Stuff Bring Me New Challenge

by Shirley Yang I look up the clock on the wall. Oh, My God! It’s almost 1am in the morning and I am still preparing for the tomorrow’s history mid-term exam. It covers severn chapters from colonial period to Civil War. I have to say I am not good at historical date, figures and events. […]

The difference between my first and second semester at JMU

By Talat Altayyar The difference between my first and second semester at JMU My first semester at JMU wasn’t an easy semester for me. As an international student who has English is his second language, it was really hard the shifted between being a student in an English school to an academic student at JMU. […]

Writing about writing, in community.

By Kristen Shrewsbury Shirley and Talat are back in my office, clicking away on their laptops, processing their thoughts in written English. I love this sound. I love the feeling this evokes in me, the communal effort toward individual creations. We all write what we want, how we want. We write what’s on our minds, […]

My Senior Year Crisis

by Tony Yan People always say time is fleeting. I think if I haven’t experienced this situation by myself I would not be able to tell you how true it is. I am a senior at JMU. It is quite surprising that three and a half years have passed since I first came here. However, […]

“Will this be graded?” Conference Session at Transitions International Orientation

by Kristen Shrewsbury Session description: Academic success will require more than just show- ing up to class. Learn how to read and understand your syllabus, and to take advantage of your professors’ and advisors’ office hours. Welcome! On or before the first class of each course you are taking, you will receive a syllabus. This is […]

VA TESOL SW Regional Conference Recap

By, Haley Cline I traveled on Saturday, April 13, 2013, to Virginia Tech to attend the Virginia Teachers of  English to Speakers of Other Languages (VATESOL) SouthWest Regional Conference. I was accompanying Kristen Shrewsbury, Shirley Yang, and Talat Altayyar, who would all be presenting at the conference. While I was not sure what to expect, […]

Why I come to the Multilingual Writers’ Community

By Altayyar, Talat Before I attend to James Madison University I was in an English school in Houston, TX, to improve my English and to be able to attend an American university. I stayed for 9 months learning English then I moved to Harrisonburg, VA, to start my bachelor degree in computer science at JMU. […]

MWC Alumni Writes Back: The benefits of writing every week at JMU

By Ahmad Abdul Ali My family came to US as refugees and I needed to learn English in order to integrate and succeed in the society. I learned the basics of the English language in community college and when I started JMU I still needed to improve it further. I started seeking resources that I […]

Preparing to Present to the TESOL Conference

By- Shirley Yang  Why you coming here every week to practice writing? How’s the experience writing with other peers as well as professionals?   At the beginning of my freshman year, I was worried about my writing class. My classmates are all American, the first language user. Every time when the professors asked us to […]

psychological enemy hinders my way

  By-Shirley Yang  Even though I feel more confident than old me when just enrolled in JMU last semester, the confidence just fades away when communicating in academic forms. The first semester of sophomore year, I have started taking some fundamental business classes as my step stone to the major. Professors’ teaching style is kind […]