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My Senior Year Crisis

by Tony Yan People always say time is fleeting. I think if I haven’t experienced this situation by myself I would not be able to tell you how true it is. I am a senior at JMU. It is quite surprising that three and a half years have passed since I first came here. However, […]

psychological enemy hinders my way

  By-Shirley Yang  Even though I feel more confident than old me when just enrolled in JMU last semester, the confidence just fades away when communicating in academic forms. The first semester of sophomore year, I have started taking some fundamental business classes as my step stone to the major. Professors’ teaching style is kind […]

Three Years

by Jose Morales   I can’t believe it has been three years. Three years. That is one year short of a presidential term. Yes, it is hard to believe I have been working at the ELLS for so long, yet It all makes sense in retrospect. I have worked at the learning centers since sophomore […]

Dude! No way Jose! This post is on American Slang. Forreal though.

By Jose Morales I remember hearing the words “flat soda” in a sentence once and not being able to comprehend the logical reasoning behind such expression. Was it even physically possible to flatten soda? I knew soda was mainly a liquid which meant it would take the shape of its container. So, when my friend […]

What are the differences between weekend and school week?

  BY-Shirley Yang “Ok, that’s it for today, thanks everyone. Have a good weekend.” After Dr.Wang says that, I take a deep breath and start packing with an excited mood. My friends are waiting for me and we will go to UREC to swim. After five days being bombarded with assignments, finally I can have […]

On Confidence

by Jose Morales This past Monday I held the first English Conversation Club meeting of the year (by the way, If you’re reading this and want to improve your speaking skills I would highly recommend coming down and hanging out!) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the bulk e-mail advertising my service worked! […]

Post-CAA Global Education Conference Ruminations

by Jose Morales It is not unusual for me to catch myself deep in reflective awe of the beautifully profound underpinnings of education. The sole process of it excites me. Education, to me, is the way our species transmit their cultural and intellectual consciousness across media and through time.  From this perspective, the economics and […]

Culture glance of American vegetables

BY–  Shirley Yang Vocabulary ^^ Tangy: little sweat but little bit saucy Douse: pour different liquid Dose: for the amount of medicine taking Conveyor: something moves from one place to another place. (conveyor belt) Drop-off: E Hall, places where put the dishes to be cleaned.   Goal:  Focus on details I felt little bit nervous […]

Continuation of Challenge

By Ahmad Abdul Ali My academics during sophomore year were a deciding point whether I can accept the challenge that honor program put forward. I knew it would not be easy to make it through this year because I was taking challenging classes such as organic chemistry and bio-chemistry. I was actually excited and looking […]


I came to James Madison University (JMU) as a transfer student from a community college. I was not qualified to be a sophomore due to the lack of credit hours. However, I was not a freshman so it was strange to adjust to JMU at first. I used resources at JMU in order to progress […]