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Now in the Student Success Center! English Language Learner Services moved in June 2014 to the NEW Student Success Center located at 738 South Mason Street, Harrisonburg, VA, 22807. Our offices are on the first floor in the Learning Centers Suite. We are excited to offer our excellent FREE tutoring and programs from a brand new […]

NEW! ELLS promotional video

What is ELLS? from Jose Morales on Vimeo.

Digital Story by Shirley Yang

Distance Makes the Heart Grown Fonder by Shirley Yang  

Three Years

by Jose Morales   I can’t believe it has been three years. Three years. That is one year short of a presidential term. Yes, it is hard to believe I have been working at the ELLS for so long, yet It all makes sense in retrospect. I have worked at the learning centers since sophomore […]

The power of an introduction: a TED lesson.

by  Jose Morales In college, whether we like it or not, we will be asked to take on the role as writers. Writing is just an essential part of academic life. It is a way to materialize and record your thoughts and analysis of any topic, on paper. And as a multilingual student this might […]

Nonverbal Language Services

by Jose Morales Here at the English Language Learner Services we love to help you with your English communication skills. Whether is written or spoken, we have a program or resource to help you as a student thrive in the English language, and succeed by applying it academically. When we think of language we think […]

No way Jose! part two : a weekly blog-post on American slang and expressions

Welcome to another blog in which I, Jose Morales, will touch on some of those expressions that are used informally in the United States of America. I promised I would write one of these blogs every week and I plan to keep my promise as long as my senior schedule allows me to. I love […]

Dude! No way Jose! This post is on American Slang. Forreal though.

By Jose Morales I remember hearing the words “flat soda” in a sentence once and not being able to comprehend the logical reasoning behind such expression. Was it even physically possible to flatten soda? I knew soda was mainly a liquid which meant it would take the shape of its container. So, when my friend […]

Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossom Festival

By Loc Dang I have heard much about cherry blossom festival in DC which is usually celebrated in the end of March every year. Last year I went to D.C for the first time with my cousin. We stayed there almost one day and visited many beautiful places, such as history museum, aircraft museum and […]

小笼包 – yummmmm

By Kristen Shrewsbury  On my last night in Shanghai I was hungry.  I had spent the day with Kaity, her cousin, and her aunt, hitting up the last minute “musts” before our departure.  The tailor had promised to mail Kaity dresses, photos had been snapped in front of the famous TV Tower, and we had […]