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The Challenge of Using Prepositions

Grammar Hour topic: Prepositions Prepositions are one of the hardest concepts for English language learners because there are no hard and fast rules about how prepositions can be used across the board. Most rules are specific to one or two words, and often, there are multiple prepositions that you can use with one word, but each […]

Writing about writing, in community.

By Kristen Shrewsbury Shirley and Talat are back in my office, clicking away on their laptops, processing their thoughts in written English. I love this sound. I love the feeling this evokes in me, the communal effort toward individual creations. We all write what we want, how we want. We write what’s on our minds, […]

MWC Alumni Writes Back: The benefits of writing every week at JMU

By Ahmad Abdul Ali My family came to US as refugees and I needed to learn English in order to integrate and succeed in the society. I learned the basics of the English language in community college and when I started JMU I still needed to improve it further. I started seeking resources that I […]

The world is only a Skype call away…

By Kristen Shrewsbury Summer consultations have taken a new shape for ELLS this year.  When a few students were heading abroad and taking online JMU classes this May, I was excited to try using Skype and Google docs for consultations.   We set up times to meet via email and then both logged onto Skype […]

Reflections on the MWC

By Kristen Shrewsbury Today we have a new writer, Cecilia.  I am happy that the bulk email generated interest in the community, as so many of our writers have graduated recently.  Her arrival has inspired me to reflect on the iterations of this community. The founders in spring 2009 wanted to work on writing by […]

My Experience at JMU as an International Student

By Kanar Hamza Background The purpose of this essay is to describe the academic difficulties that faced me as an international student during my academic experience in JMU. JMU has students in different regions around the world. Each of them comes from different cultures and different academic experience. In this essay, I will try to […]