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Three Years

by Jose Morales   I can’t believe it has been three years. Three years. That is one year short of a presidential term. Yes, it is hard to believe I have been working at the ELLS for so long, yet It all makes sense in retrospect. I have worked at the learning centers since sophomore […]

I Dropped My Scissors

By Yuky Yu I went to the bathroom to get a cup of water, put a plastic bag in front of the mirror, and brush my long hair. As I looked into the mirror, a girl held a pair of scissors in her right hand, and then, put the scissors down. I dropped the scissors […]

Immigration Experience

By Cecilia Enriquez Coming to the US was a big change for my family and me, everyday we learned something new from American society. We arrived at my uncle’s house, where we stayed for a month, and then my dad decided to find a place for us. He rented an apartment and we moved there […]

Why Public Health

By Kouadio Koko “Prevention is better than one pound of cure”. Prevention is something that we take for granted at all levels, individual, community, even at political level. However, prevention is very important in our daily life and can change many things around such as preventing diseases, plan for future to avoid catastrophic situations. My […]


By Ahmad Abdul Ali It was Friday night and the night that I was most afraid of.  It was a night where you stand out and face your fear.  I have joined martial art club when I was in seventh grade. At the beginning my dad was against it but later he changed his mind. […]