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Personal Statement Outline

By Cecilia Enriquez Source of my passion My American dream is to be a doctor and organize a group of doctors that are willing to help me and going with me into far communities that has little or no access to medicine. As a Bolivian, my plan is to go to these towns and be […]

Immigration Experience

By Cecilia Enriquez Coming to the US was a big change for my family and me, everyday we learned something new from American society. We arrived at my uncle’s house, where we stayed for a month, and then my dad decided to find a place for us. He rented an apartment and we moved there […]

Source of my passion

By Cecilia Enriquez The passion that drives me everyday to continue studying and giving the best of me to people around me is my American dream. Before I came to US, I set goals that would help me to make my dream came true. My American dream is to be a doctor and organize a […]

Personal Statement for Public Health Nursing

By Kouadio Koko This paper is written to provide information on my career, and a general outlook of my professional ambitions with a public health nursing focus. I am very comfortable with public health nursing. I believe that a career choice should not be focused only on financial need, but also what you will enjoy […]

Afghan School

By Ahmad Abdul Ali Leaving Kabul and escaping to Mazar-Sharif was a difficult but life saving migration which distanced us from the ongoing war in Kabul. As I was five years old, it was time for me to go to school, which I looked forward to with a great passion. Our school was very small […]